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1996-98: Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Theory, (can.phil in art theory) Copenhagen,  Denmark

1992-96: Oslo National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo, Norway
1991-92: Hochschüle für Bildende Künste, Hamburg, Germany


2011-currently: Professor of Drawing (Art and Craft dep), Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO)
2008- 2011: head of the Master Programme in Visual Arts (Art and Craft dep), Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO)
2007-8: Substituting dean of he Faculty of Visual Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO)
2006-7: Head of Asker Kunstfagskole

* marks exhibition with catalogue

Group Exhibitions: 

2022: "Split Practices - Impact 12", The Island, Bristol, UK

2022: "Print Matters 3", Krakow, Poland

2022:"Artic South - Mining, Borders and Care", Belas-Artes U-Lisboa, Lisboa, Prtogal

2021: "Paper Planes", Galleri Standard, Oslo, Norway

2020: "3rd International Academic Printmaking Alliance (IAPA) Biennial", Bejing and web, China

2020: "Print Matters", Teachers and students from Oslo National Academy of the Arts,” Ålgården - Konstnärnas Galleri; Sweden

2019; "Print Matters", Grafikens Hus, Stockholm, Sweden,

2019:" Graphica Creativa 2019 – Hereafter" Graphics Triennale, Jyvaskala Art Museum, Jÿväskÿla, Finland

2017: "Open Call", Students and teachers, Seilduken Gallery, Oslo, Norway

2016: “Tegnerforbundet 100 år”. Tegnerforbundet Gallery, Oslo, Norway

"Open Call", Students and teachers, Seilduken Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2015:" Open Call", Students and teachers, Seilduken Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2014: "Fossum gård exhibition", Oslo, Norway
2013:» En kollektiv kraftanstrengelse for tapte saker», Podium, Oslo, Norway
2012-:”Prisme-drawing from1990 to 2012”, Museu of Contemporary Art, Oslo Norway*
2011:“innkjøpt” Ulefoss Hovedgaard,Nome, Norway
2010: “Mystic landscapes”, travveling exhibition, arranged by PunktØ, Norway
“Tor Juuls collection-norwegian contemporary art”, Kube Artmuseum, Ålesund, Norway
2009: ”The romantic landscape revisited”, Gallery Ørje Brug, Norway
2008: "The line in motion", Lillehammer Artmuseum, Lillehammer, Norway*
"The mountain ib norwegian art", Henie Onstad Art Centre, Bærum, Norway*
"Storytime", Galerie Susan Nielsen, Paris, France
“Real”, Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, Tønsberg, Norway
2007: "Daydreams and nightmares", Stenersenmuseet, Oslo, Norway *
"Norwegen Show", Berlin, Germany
“Clusters”, Henie Onstad Art Centre, Bærum, Norway*
“Norwgian pictures” Oslo City Hall (arr: Gallery Brandstrup), Oslo, Norway*
"RCCL Prizewinners exhibition", Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway * 
2006: "Booklike", Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway
"Drawing Biennial 2006", Stenersenmuseet, Oslo, Norway*
“Norwegian pictures” Oslo City Hall (arr: Gallery Brandstrup), Oslo, Norway*
"Christmas Exhibition", Galleri Trafo 2, Asker, Norway
2005: ”My Language – hundred years celebration 2005”, Sølvberget Kulturhus, Stavanger, Norway
“Far East”, Kristiandssand Kunstforening, Kristiandssand, Norway
” Norwgian pictures 2005”, Oslo City Hall (arr: Gallery Brandstrup), Oslo, Norway*
”New Landscapes”, Bryne Kunstforening, Bryne, Norway*
2004: “In a Norwegian Forest”, Zacheta Gallery, Warsawa, Polen*
“Norwegian pictures” Oslo City Hall (arr: Gallery Brandstrup), Oslo, Norway*
2003: ”Carnegie Art Award 2002”, Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen, Denmark
”Carnegie Art Award 2002”, Victoria Miro Warehouse, London, England
”Carnegie Art Award 2002”, Helsingfors Stads Konstmuseum, Meijlans, Helsinki, Finland
”Carnegie Art Award 2002”, Röda Sten, Gøteborg, Sweden
“Norwgian pictures” Oslo City Hall (arr: Gallery Brandstrup), Oslo, Norway*
“Somewhere else”, Associazione Culturale diip , Palasso Pesaro Papafava, Venezia,  Italy*
2002:  ”Norwegian Slacker Drawing”, Drammen Art Museum, Drammen, Norway*
”Drawing Biennial”, Gallery F15, Moss, Norway*
“Where am I? - From The Collection” Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway
“Where am I? 2 - From The Collection” Bjørvika, Museum of Contemporary Art projectspace, Oslo, Norway
”Østlandutstillingen 2002” Fredrikstad Artistcenter, Fredrikstad, Norway (touring exhibition)
”Carnegie Art Award 2002”, Reykjavik Art Museum, Harbour House, Reykjavik, Iceland*
”Carnegie Art Award 2002”, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway
”Long Days – shining nights”” Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway
2001: ”Jours Longues et nuits lumineuses”, Oslo Kunsthall, Oslo, Norway (bokrelease) *
” New artworks”, National Gallery, Oslo, Norge
2000: ”Drawing exhibition” Haugar Vestfold Artistcenter, Tønsberg, Norway
”Drawing exhibition”  Fossekleiva Galleri, Norway
1998: "I don´t want reality, I want magic" Rogaland Artistcenter, Stavanger, Norway
"UKS-biennial-98", Henie Onstad Art Centre, Høvikodden, Norway*
"Exit-98" Copenhagen Kunstforening, Copenhagen, Denmark*
"Kulturrådets innkjøp", Unge Kunstneres Samfund, Oslo, Norway
1997: “Kick-off”, Akershus Artistcenter, Strømmen, Norway *
“Funny versus bizarre”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania *
“Whimsical Weaving”, The Acadenys Exhibition space, Copenhagen, Denmark 1997
"22 kunstnere from Oslo", Gøteborg Kunstmuseum, Gøteborg, Sweden 
"3x3", UKS arr. Christel Sverre, Oslo, Norway 
"Shelter," Trøndelag Artistcenter, Trondheim, Norway *
"10", Lunds Konsthall, Lund, Sweden 
1996:“Graduate-exhibition of SKA”, Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo, Norway *
“Frisbee, Hordaland Artistcenter”, Bergen, Norway *
“Trivial Groove”, Gallery F15, Moss, Norway *

Solo exhibitions:

2022: "Re-tellings- looking for the future through the rear window", Halden Kunstforening, Rød Herregård, Norway

2022: "Camping i Fortiden, Kongvinger Kunstforening, Kongsvinger, Norway

2019: "Kulturarv Lustrafjorden- Vandring", Luster Gamle Prestegård, Luster, Norway

2019:"Gjenfortellinger", Buskerud Kunstsenter, Norway (with Anne Thomassen)

2018: "Det Norske Hus" (with Hans Thorsen), Steinkjer Kunstforening, Norway

2016: «Nedstigning», Oppland Kunstsenter (with Bente Bøyesen), Lillehammer, Norway
2014: “Time travel for pedestrians”, Gallery Ram, Oslo Norway (with Anne Thomassen)
2013: The Goldilocks zone, Gallery LNM, Oslo, Norway
2012: Stemneutstillingen, Hareidstemna, Hareid, Norway (with Marianne Heske)
2008: “Arcadia”, Galerie Susan Nielsen, Paris, France
2007: "Canalstipedium exhibition 07", Lunde in Telemark, Norge
solo exhibition, Galleri Boulouh, Bergen, Norge
2006:" Drawing" (with Sofie Berntsen), Galleri F15, Moss, Norway
2005"Fighting the white space",  Overgaden, Copenhagen, Denmark 
”Ferme Ornée 2”, Galley Brandstrup, Oslo, Norway 
2004:  ”Sleepwalker” The Stenersen museum, Oslo, Norway
Gallery N. Bergslien, Eidfjord, Norway
“The Blue Hour”, Akershus Artist center, Lillestrøm, Norway
2003: KIO, Oppland Artistcenter, Lillehammer, Norway
2002: “New Works” Arendal Art Centre, Arendal, Norway
1999: "An act of love (the last good kiss)", Project room, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway*
"The reality dysfunction", Haugesund Picture Gallery, Haugesund, Norway
"The reality dysfunction", Bergen Kunstforening - intimgalleriet, Bergen, Norway
"The reality dysfunction", Møre & Romsdal Artistcenter, Molde, Norway
1998:"Doppelganger", Zoo Lounge, Oslo, Norway

Public assignments: 

2022: Ski Train station, Ski, Norway
2020: Sandsli Bo- og Omsorgsenter, Bergen, Norway

2017: Nesbru Bo- og Omsorgssenter, Asker, Norway
2015-16: Fernanda Nissen Primary School, Oslo, Norway 
2014-15; Nesøya Primary School, Asker, Norway
2013: Norwegian Embassy, ambassadors residence, in Riga, Latvia
2008: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Oslo Norway
2008: Independence of the Seas, Miami, USA
2007: “Liberty of the Seas”, Miami, USA, 
2007: Gronland Police Headquarter, Oslo, Norway
2006: Vesta Insurance, Bergen, Norway
2005-6: Nesna College, Nesna, Norway
2003: Refsnes Gods, room 506, Moss, Norge
2003: Wallpaintings, NAF (Norsk Automobilforbund), Østensjøveien 14, Oslo, Norway
2003: Wallpainting, Haugesvei 32, Oslo, Norway 
1999: Wallpainting, Norsk Film, Administration Building in Jar, Bærum, Norway 
1998: Wallpainting, Seterbråten Primary school, Oslo, Norway 

Bought by:

National Museum of Contemporary Art
National Gallery
Arts council Norway
Punkt Ø
Various private collections


Jakob Weidemann Minnestipend/Rememebrance Award, 2017

Governmental income guarantee grant 2011-currently
Ingerid, Synnøve og Elias Fegerstens legat 2010
BKHF The Artists Fund 2010
BKHF The Artists Fund stipendium 2007-09
RCCL Art Grant 2006
Governmental work stipendium 2003-6
Eidfjord stipendium 2004
Gorvernmental Exhibition Grant 2003
Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards stipendium 2003
Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards stipendium 2003
BKHF The Artists Fund stipendium 2002
Gorvernmental Exhibition Grant 2002
BKHF The Artists Fund stipendium 2001
BKHF The Artists Fund stipendium 2000
Governmental work stipendium 1999
Governmental work stipendium 1998
Governmental travel and study-stipendium 1997
Ødegaards travel stipendium 1996
BKHF Academy stipendium 1995


”Obsessed by knowledge-manuals for Donna Haraway”, Spartacus forlag, Norway 1998


various texts in ”UKS-Forum for Samtidskunst” 
Various articles for the magazine “Billedkunst”
"The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep", text for catalogue, with Elise Storsveen, Forbundet Frie Fotografers 25 yrs Anniversary catalogue, 1999
Text for the catalogue til "Artes Liberales", Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway 1998
"12 Nights ", catalogue, Bergen, Norway 1998

Curatorial assignments:
In the curator group for UKS-Biennual,  (Oslo, Alta, Bergen, Yokohama, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Mjøsa and Ski) 2000-2001
Projectleader, “Oslo Open”, (8 months full time assignment) , Oslo, Norway 2000
“Plot What Plot”, UKS Gallery , Oslo, Norway 2000
Forbundet Frie Fotografers  Anniversary exhibition: "The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep", with  Elise Storsveen, Oslo, Norway 1999 
Parttaking in the arrangement of “Four Walls in Oslo” , Oslo, Norway 1996

Teaching and other
Koro artistic consulent: Forsvaret Nord-Norge, 20014-16
Professor of drawing, dep. of Visual Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts 2011-
Head of MA Programme, dep. of Visual Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2008-2011
Dean (substitute), Faculty of visual Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts 2011, 2007-8
Principal, Asker Artschool, 2006-7, Norway
1.amanuensis, drawing,  National Academy of the Arts (Kunstakademiet), part time, Oslo, Norway, 2006
Guest teacher and lecturer various art schools 1996-2005
Guest teacher and lecturer National Academy of Arts, Oslo 2004, 2005, 2006
Board and jury of OCA 2005-6
Planning and arranging video seminar together with Beathe C. Rønning 2002
Together with several others making the book-project ”Jours Longues et nuits lumineuses” 2001
1 year full time trainee scholarship at Kunstnernes Hus, january-december 2001
Co-chairman of UKS (Young Artists Society) 2000


“Travelling huts and invading spaceships – Marianne Heske, Tiril Schrøder and Norwegian Romantic landscapes”
Av Sigrun Åsebø in “ Romantik – journal for the study of romanticisms”, . S.51-78, Aarhus University press, 2014 issue 03, ISBN 9788771247770, 
“Tiril Schrøder- Retropspective catalogue”, ed. and text,  Line Ulekleiv, text Ingjvild Krogvis, Khio, 2012
”Ny norsk kunst”,  Øystein Ustvedt, Fagbokforlaget, 2011
”Real-ung norsk realisme”, Daniel Østvold, katalogtekst, 2008
”Strek i bevegelse”,Cecilie Skeide og Janecke M. Utne, katalogtekst, Lillehammer Kunstmuseum, 2008
”Tegnekunst fra vegg til vegg! Gudbrandsdalen Dagningen, Camilla Berg Hansen,  6 februar 2008
”Tegningens magi”, Lars Elton, VG,  24 mars 2008
”Tegningens mangfold”, Stavanger Aftenblad, Trond Borgen, 6 november 2008
”Uhyggelig Kunstnerisk Sampling” , Sigrun Åsebø, Bergens Tidende, des 2007
”Royal Carribean arts grant”, Karin Hellandsjø,  katalog, 2006
”Naturen i forkledning”, Harald Flor, Dagbladet, nov 2005
”Deliriske opplevelser”, Lars Elton, VG, nov 2005
"I krydsfeltet mellem forskjellige medier og billeder", Kinga Santus, Kunstavisen 09/2005, Danmark
"Når naturen kaller", Kåre Bulie, Dagens Næringsliv 10 des 2005
Daniel Østvold: interview, Norwegian Painters(LNM)  magazine, autumn 2005,
“The delicate membrane of the art space”, by Tone Hansen Odd Magazine, no 1 2005 
”Øjeblikket” (Danmark) no.44, autumn 2004
Lotte Sandberg, ”Våkent søvngjengeri”. Aftenposten  13 april 2004
”Om udefinerbare kvinner” Margrethe Zacho Haarde, Asker og Bærum Budstikke, 16-4 2004
”In a Norwegian Wood - Norwegian art of the last decade”, catalogue, Zaceta calerie, Warsawa, Poland 2004
“tradisjonell rebel”, Mari Aarre, Billedkunst no 3, 2004
“Somewhere else”, catalogue, Associazione culturale diip, Venezia, Italy, 2003
Per Bang ”Norske Bilder”, Dagens Næringsliv, 9/10-03
“En av de mest värdige pristagerna någonsinn”, Ann-Marie Ljungberg, Gøteborgs Tidende, 26-4 2003
Andrea Kroksnes: ”Where am I?”,  Where am I now? The collection in perspective 4, Museum of Contemporary Art, may 2002
”Carnegie Art Award”, Ulrika Leven, catalogue, Stockholm, Sweden 2002
Claudia C. Sandor: ”Selvbedragende glam-babes, kokette djevler”, Visuelt, may 2002
Aasmund Thorkildsen: ” Tegninger som funker”, Norsk Slacker Tegning, catalogue, Drammen Museum, 2002
Jørn Mortensen: ”Bit for Bit, Bilde for Bilde – om sampling i billedkunsten” (s 34) Uflukt no.1, 2001
Kristin Johansen: ”Fanfiction og Fanart”, Utflukt  no.4,  2000
Lotte Konow Lund, catalogue, Prosjektrom, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo Norway 2000
Ingvils Henmo; ”The Reality Dysfunctiom” katalog, Riksutstillinger, 1999
Simon Sheikh: ”Hverdagslivets fortellinger” Information  juni 1998
Trond Borgen: ”Bare klisjeene står tilbake”, Stavanger Aftenblad 5/3 1998
Åsa Sonjasdotter: ”Complete fulfillment”, UKS – Forum for samtidsdkunst  no.1, 1998
Svein F. Johansen: ”Trivial Groove”, UKS – Forum for samtidsdkunst   no. 1 1996

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