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Modern Retro


Exhibition with chairs, carpets wallpainting, text and drawings

Installation view

Modern retro


We want a personal home, with carefully chosen, life-affirming colours – a home that satisfies all our needs for functionality and design. It must be easy to use and maintain, and at the same time meet the highest requirements for comfort and relaxation.


We will create a look that combines modern classics such as Mattson, Jacobsen and Wegner with the best of contemporary design, plus those innumerable useful and decorative items that stamp the individuality of the owner on an interior.


The house and the interior must work together to create a whole, and there must be spacious rooms full of light. We will have panorama windows, and still be able to enjoy the cosiness of an open fireplace. The idea is to be able to sit in the living room and still feel you are outside on the mountain.


Past and present will sit stylishly together, a 1930s Aalto stool alongside Eames chairs from the 1950s, allowing us to make the most of the gloriously eclectic forms, colours and patterns available. We will use only the best quality, where solid handicraft, good materials and originality have made items that will become family heirlooms for generations to come.


New and old traditions will blend together in a natural way, to give a feeling of authenticity and history, giving our home a personal touch – an interior that becomes our own language of self-expression.


The result will be a dwelling that successfully combines the past with the present, where tradition and innovation walk hand in hand towards the future, in the spirit of optimism that has pervaded so much of the modern period.

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