Domestic Bliss


Ink on wall,

digital collage printed on photopaper

mounted on aluminium

I will reach for him and pull him close, looking deep into his eyes, holding him in my arms, enveloping him in my tenderness.


I will show him my insight into his very essence, my love will penetrate him and unite our souls in a glorious moment of total mutual understanding.


We will be closer than anybody has ever been before and we will be one, one forever.



The house overlooked the valley, a masterpiece of modern architecture, designed to integrate perfectly with the hillside. It was warm and cosy, a wonderful environment for its inhabitants. The kitchen was spacious, a natural meeting point for the entire family. It was a bright room, filled with light from the many windows and warmed by the fireplace in the corner. In the bathroom green plants lent a tropical atmosphere. There were tiles on the floor and walls, and a deep tub to soak in on cold winter evenings. In the livingroom you could see the personal touch clearly, in the use of comfortable yet tasteful furniture, some exquisite modern paintings, and a number of snapshots of the smiling family from holidays all over the world. Walking into the romantic bedroom with its king-size bed and warm colours, you could feel how it contained the love of the couple that slept there. And from everywhere in the house you could look through windows onto the magnificent nature outside, and sense the endless space and total freedom it gave.

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